My Story

Karamel McCoy teaches an accessible process for discovering spiritual identity and its inherent power. She conveys a message that only through GOD’s grace and mercy and hard work to do His will can bring about a change in a life that needs changing. She has given presentations and speeches to corporations at all levels from CEO/Chairman on to colleges, universities and high schools all the across the United States over 15 years.

She developed her skills as a communicator by performing on stage, radio and television. She rose from a radio on air morning personality to broadcast manager; from community activist to community leader; and from a banquet and nightclub emcee to premier keynote speaker. Karamel draws upon all of these credentials to teach how to overcome stagnant career progression to see true light from multiple perspectives as she embraces the hearts of souls. She teaches to love yourself, discover yourself for no one else will find your way; you must find it yourself!
She has been attached to military installations all of her life, her father is a retired veteran of the U.S. Air Force and with her active duty husband, Nathan McCoy, who is currently stationed at Ramstein Air Base in Germany.  Her credentials are a B.A. in Communications & Marketing and an M.B.A. in Public Administration.

A powerful, positive and larger-than-life force of personality, Karamel McCoy brings a special brand of empathy to her work. Her frank, down-to-earth, and inspiring manner are what makes her a vibrant speaker. Her life experiences have given her the wisdom and foresight to see through the illusions that keep us bound in fear and unhappiness. She continues to invest in the lives of others through public speaking, youth mentorship, leadership training, educational instruction and small groups to equip and empower others, assisting them in finding meaning and purpose in all dimensions of life.

Karamel’s Three Kids

Life Style for the career challenged is a topic she is well versed in by having worked more than her fair share of jobs (somewhere over 30). Although her path has been up and down, her spirit hasn’t faltered. Her Christian walk with Jesus provides comfort and perseverance to handle what life throws at her. For some a career is one job worked for 30 years. For others it is a melting together of many jobs. For a select few, it is a daily changing, evolving path and continuous search. Either way, it is your path and only what you make of it! It is not enough to wait for a job to come knocking but to actively participate in ones destiny.