My Story

Wow! Where should I begin?

I can tell you my life has been anything but ordinary. I have traveled the world since I was a child, growing up a military brat. Military brat was a term of endearment when I grew up pre-politically correct times. I started my adult life thinking that the world was my oyster. I have always felt there was so much to do and so little time. My father says I run through life like my hair is on fire!

In 1995 my life was forever changed when I was shot in a drive-by shooting. I understood at that moment I would never live regretting not taking chances because of fear. It made me stronger than I was before the shooting. I had ulcers as a high school student stressed beyond belief before stress should have ever been an issue. That shooting taught me lessons I still learn from everyday.

I started college studying to be a nurse. My Anatomy and Physiology class showed me nursing was not my calling when I failed the class. My freshman year I organized a city-wide talent show inviting the Mayor and other key local celebrities to be judges. I also planned parties for my classmates and became a young entrepreneur known within a 100 mile radius as the premier party hostess. I knew then I would not be happy working for anyone but myself. That was the first business that was successful and showed me all aspects of starting and running a business.

Karamel’s Three Kids

I have had many jobs in my life. I live a lifestyle for the career challenged. I change jobs because I search for enjoyment in anything and everything I invest my time. I have worked in radio stations across the country in small and large markets. I have managed to work the traditional jobs while starting 8 successful businesses 2 that currently provide a healthy second and third income stream.

Because of my setbacks and successes, I share with solopreneurs, best practices to becoming the expert that they are.  We all have a gift and I help solopreneurs share their gifts with their customers and the world.