Victim or Victor
Having been shot in a drive-by at a young age and recognizing early I wasn’t’ going to let that bind my optimism. How being shot was unfortunate but not a misfortune. We must analyze the learning opportunity in every experience good or bad. Whether it was caused by our own doing or by way of someone else’s doing we SURVIVE, LEARN and OVERCOME to become Victors.


You Are an Expert
Our lives are multifaceted. Every day is a new day and an opportunity to renew ourselves. Yesterday is not who you are today and tomorrow will be a new you as well. I will have you explore your talents and gifts. I will help you define what you are good at and uncover some expertise you didn’t know you had.


The Story of Elias
Walk with me through the story of my youngest child Elias who was born with a birth defect. His strength as a newborn and how that strength has made me a better mother, women and person. The impact of his life on the lives or our family. Find inspiration in our faith and trust in GOD. Leave this workshop realizing life is precious and imperfectly perfect!