Workshop Topics

You Are an Expert

When a solopreneur leaves the You Are an Expert workshop, they will have a laser focused plan to start the business of their dreams.  They walk out with the framework of their business efforts by clearly defining their skills through individual and group activities. They will understand time management and leave with vision for their future. I share multiple income stream opportunities for solopreneurs to finance their endeavors.

  • How to leverage the jobs you have had over the years be them paid or unpaid.
  • Identify why people call you and how to monetize your skills.
  • Build your “kitchen cabinet” or personal board of directors.
  • Understand what the entrepreneurial landscape holds for you.


Who Are You?

When a solopreneur leaves the Who Are YOU workshop, they will have written a :30 personal elevator speech promoting themselves as the experts they are. They will boast about who they are without feeling boastful when they share their gifts to the world. This workshop clears up the myth that it’s hard to sell yourself.

  • How to build an introduction by telling your personal story.
  • How to shine in front of any audience.
  • What is too personal and what is relates to your audience.
  • How to engage and work a room like a champ.


Vision Board Class

In the Vision Board workshop solopreneurs will leave knowing how to decipher multiple income streams from their skills gained over a lifetime of their experiences. They will define their desires  as an entrepreneur and maximize their efforts as experts where they should spend time and where they should outsource work that wastes their time.

  • Let’s put together your vision for your new job
  • Let’s put together your vision for your goals
  • Let’s put together your vision for your family
  • Let’s put together your vision for YOUR FUTURE



One thing you can never get back is time. That’s why it’s so imperative that you spend your time in your best interest.   Everyday won’t be a cakewalk.  You won’t be in the mood to act or react all the time.  In your down time, chose to be in the moment.  In your workday, chose to be in the moment.  When it’s time to play, play hard and be deliberate.  That’s really what you should do. Be DELIBERATE!

  • How much time do you really have in your day for yourself?
  • Who in your life takes up most of your time?
  • What do you spend your days doing?